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Getting to Barcelona


How to get to the City Centre from Barcelona Airport?

You have quite a variety of transport options from Barcelona airport to the city centre (Plaça de Catalunya). All of them are reliable, efficient and clean, and they all take more or less the same time (around 30 minutes, except for rush hours).

Useful websites for moving around Barcelona are:

More information can be found at BCN Tourism website.



Travelling by Taxi is a convenient way to get from the airport to the city centre, especially if you have a lot of luggage. You will find a taxi rank outside any of the main terminal exits ( Terminal 1: T1; Terminal 2: 3 buildings: T2A, T2B or T2C). Look for the sign pointing to the nearest taxi rank. The taxis operate all night and there are several hundred of them, so you don't have to worry about not being able to catch a cab.
The journey to the city centre will take you 20 - 30 mins depending on road conditions. If you are travelling from Terminal 1 rather than Terminal 2, this will add an extra 4 kms to your journey and take approximately 5 minutes more.
Expect to pay around 30 Euros for the journey into the centre from T2 and 35 euros for your journey from T1. There will also be an additional surcharge charge for each bag you are carrying. You'll find the rates displayed inside the cab.


Aerobus - Express bus service to Barcelona city center from the airport

The special Aerobus (official website) service is an express bus service that links Barcelona airport to the city centre. This service normally runs every 15 mins within its fixed hours of operation.
You can catch the Aerobus from outside both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The Aerobus will then take you to the city centre where you can alight either at Plaça Espanya or Plaça de Catalunya. From there you can catch the metro underground. Ticket price is 5.90€ for a single trip and 10.20€ for the round trip including luggage. Tickets can be purchased on the bus.
It is important to remember that both Aerobuses for Terminal 1 and for Terminal 2 stop at the same bus stops in the city. If you are making your way to Barcelona Airport, make sure that you take the right Aerobus.


TMB Airport Bus to City Centre (Number 46)

This city bus operates during the day from 5.30 am to 00.45 am from both airport terminals. This bus has more stops than the Aerobus and takes more time to travel to the city centre (Plaça Espanya is the final stop) However, the advantage of using this bus is that the price is 2.00€.

Trains to/from Barcelona Airport

The RENFE train service runs approximately every 30 mins to and from Barcelona airport. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes. The price of the ticket is 3.80€.
When travelling from the airport to the city centre you can get off at Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gracia (closest station to Pl. Catalunya) or Clot which are serviced by metro stops. From there you can exchange to the Barcelona metro underground system to go to your final destination.
If you are arriving into Terminal 1, a shuttle bus will take you from outside of the terminal to the train station entrance. The same combination also applies for reaching this Terminal from the city.