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Poster Awards


The ICCE 2013 conference is delighted to offer an award for the best posters presented in each of the main topics of the conference.

The prizes will be awarded during the Closure Ceremony.



  • Relevance to the conference.
  • Quality of research/investigation.
  • Clarity of Communication.
  • Visual appeal.



  • Transformation and Fate of Pollutants
    Elisa de Laurentis (Italy) - Assessment of the photoreactivity of surface freshwater in extreme ecosystems: lakes in terra nova bay, Antarctica, as a case study.
  • Green and Sustainable Industrial Chemistry
    Vicente Martí Centelles (Spain) - Biocompatible gels from amino acids.
  • Water Pollution and Treatment
    Eda Sinirtas (Turkey) - Advances in the environmental applications: the photocatalytic removal of organic contaminant from wastewater.
    Alaa Salma (Germany) -Effect of pH on the photolysis and photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin (kinetic and mechanism).
  • Soil and Sediment Pollution, Wastes
    Tae Wan Jeon (South Korea) - Results of monitoring and strategies for the reduction of household food waste in Korea.
  • Emerging Pollutants
    Sebastian Wetrup (Germany) - Enrichment free LC-HRAM/MS screening method of anthropogenic sewage pollutants in waste water, receiving, ground and drinking water samples.
    Cristina Postigo (USA) - Occurrence and toxicity of haloacetaldehydes in drinking waters: first evidence of iodo-acetaldehyde as a water disinfection byproduct.
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
    Maria Grazia Perrone (Italy) - Investigating the chemical components of aerosol from an urban, a rural and a remote site (North Italy) and their relation with the observed biological responses.
  • Modelling, Management and Risk Assessment
    Florence Bonvin (Switzerland) - Micropollutant dynamics in vidy bay-a coupled photolysis- hydrodynamic model to assess the spatial extent of ecotoxicological risk.
  • (Eco-)Toxicology: Pollutants Exposure and Effects on Biota and Ecosystems
    Jon Sanz-Landaluze (Spain) - Alternative bioaccumulation test using zebrafish (Danio Rerio) eleutheroembryos.