ICCE 2013 - Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols

Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols - Oral Communications
Wednesday 26 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Vicente Esteve / Gerhard Lammel
10.20-11.00 B-KN2-Atmospheric, Roy Harrison, Univ. Birmingham, UK: “Characterisation and behaviour of nanoparticles from road traffic exhaust”
11.00-11.20 B-OA1: M. Mendez, Univ. Lille, France: Modelling the chemically speciated PM2.5 over the French Northern region using the WRF-Chem system coupled to EMEP and regional emission inventories
11.20-11.40 B-OA2: N. Ratola, Univ. Murcia, Spain: POPs and PAHs in Norway and the UK–levels and distribution in pine needles, litter, soils and air
11.40-12.00 B-OA3: M. Mulder, Masaryk Univ., Czech Republic, Gas-particle partitioning and air-sea exchange of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the central and eastern Mediterranean
12.00-12.20 B-OA4: B. L. Van Drooge, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain: Seasonal and spatial variation of PM1 organic tracers in densely populated and highly insolated urban areas of humid and dry atmospheres
12.20-12.40 B-OA5: E. Venturini, Univ. Bologna, Italy: PM2.5 source apportionment by directional sampling and Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF)
Thursday 27 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Xavier Querol / Panyotis Siskos
10.00-10.40 B-KN8-Atmospheric: Andrés Alastuey, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain: "Geochemistry of atmospheric particulate matter: from remote to urban environments"
10.40-11.00 B-OA6: M. Fort, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain: Association between metal body burden in pregnant women and atmospheric traffic pollution
11.00-11.20 B-OA7: D. Vione, Univ. Torino, Italy: Photochemical formation of humic-like substances: Phenol di/oligomerisation sensitised by the triplet state of 1-nitronaphthalene
11.20-11.40 B-OA8: M.Simonich, OSU, USA: Prediction, Identification, and Mutagenicity ofNovel Nitro-PAHs Formed via Atmospheric Heterogeneous Reactions
11.40-12.00 B-OA9: J. Díaz-Ferrero, Univ. Ramon Llull-IQS, Spain: Dioxins, furans and dioxin-like PCBs in ambient air from Catalonia (Spain)
12.00-12.20 B-OA9: A. Radey, Univ. Pannonia, Hungary: Monitoring nitrogen-dioxide and benzene in air in the Central Transdanub Region, in the City of Veszprém