ICCE 2013 - Green and Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

Green and Sustainable Industrial Chemistry - Oral Communications
Wednesday 26 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Joel Barrault / Carlos Estévez
10.20-11.00 A-KN1-Green: Roger Sheldon,TU Delft, The Netherlands: "Green & sustainable chemistry: Methods & metrics"
11.00-11.20 A-OG1: D. Cespi, Univ. Bologna, Italy: Application of LCA methodology to a chemical process: the production of acrylonitrile by ammoxidation
11.20-11.40 A-OG2: V. Fabregat, Univ. Jaume I, Spain: Synthesis of photoactive hydrophilic polymeric materials. Applications in synthetic chemistry and pollutant degradation
11.40-12.00 A-OG3: D. Kralisch, Univ. Jena, Germany: Chemical engineering of intensified flow-chemistry guided by sustainability issues
12.00-12.20 A-OG4: J. F. Da Costa ITQ-Univ. Politécnica de Valencia, Spain: Sustainable production of hydrogen from steam reforming of bioethanol using a recycled catalytic material
12.20-12.40 A-OG5: W. De Lange, LaMilCo, The Netherlands: Polymers: out of REACH?
Thursday 27 June 2013 - WTC
  Charis: Roger Sheldon / Klaus Kuemmerer
14.00-14.40 A-KN11-Green: Joel Barrault, Univ. Poitiers, France: “Sustainable chemistry; from renewable resources to chemicals via catalysis”
14.40-15.00 A-OG6: H. Soares, Univ. Porto, Portugal: Pre-treatment of paper pulp in the bleaching process with a biodegradable chelating agent
15.00-15.20 A-OG7: J.P. Souza, U.F. Minas Gerais, Brazil, Development of new materials from waste electrical and electronic equipment to technological applications