ICCE 2013 - Soil and Sediment Pollution, Wastes

Soil and Sediment Pollution, Wastes - Oral Communications
Wednesday 26 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Guillermo Monrós / Thilo Hofmann 
14.00-14.40 A-KN4-Soil: Graeme Paton, Univ. Aberdeen, UK: “Quantification of bioavailable fractions of elements and organic pollutants and sustainable steps to remediate these at the field scale”
14.40-15.00 A-OS1: M. Crampon, Normandie Univ., France: Analytical strategies to evaluate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) bioavailability in soils; correlation with their biodegradability
15.00-15.20 A-OS2: M. Furdek, Ruder Boskovic Inst., Croatia: Persistence of butyltin (BuT) compounds in the contaminated sediments from the Croatian Adriatic coast
15.40-16.00 A-OS4: S. C. Wilson, Univ. New England, Australia: Food crop accumulation and bioavailability assessment for antimony (Sb) compared with arsenic (As) in contaminated soils
16.00-16.20 A-OS5: B. Beckingham, Univ. Tübingen, Germany: Sediment PAHs in the rivers of Ammer (Germany) and Liangtan (China): Differences between early- and newly-industrialized countries
Thursday 27 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Sirpa Herve / Willem de Lange
10.00-10.20 A-OS6: M. Seidl, Univ. Paris-Est, Marne la Vallée, France: Micropollutants as tracers of urbanization history of the Mingoa river watershed (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
10.20-10.40 A-OS7: M-J. Jeong, Natl. Inst. Environmental Research, South Korea: Comparison of triglycerides and fatty acids patterns in burial leachate and raw oils(animal fats, fish oils, cooking oils)
10.40-11.00 A-OS8: P. Grathwohl, Univ. Tübingen, Germany: Integrated monitoring of particle associated transport of PAHs in contrasting catchments
11.00-11.20 A-OS9: D. S Jyethi, Nehru Univ., India: Potential health risks of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) associated with sediment and selected sea foods from a Ramsar site
11.20-11.40 A-OS10: P. Kurt-Karakuş, Bursa Technical Univ., Turkey: Estimation of health risk from indoor dust as a source of exposure to heavy metals in Istanbul
11.40-12.20 A-KN7: Emmanuel Naffrechoux, Savoie Univ., France: “Fate of PCB in aquatic ecosystems: cold case or hot topic?”