ICCE 2013 - Transformation and Fate of Pollutants

Transformation and Fate of Pollutants - Oral Communications
Thursday 27 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Dionysios Dionysiou / Santiago Esplugas
14.00-14.20 B-OTF1: F. Bonvin, EPFL, Switzerland: Direct photolysis of human metabolites of antibiotic sulfamethoxazole: Evidence for abiotic back-transformation
14.20-14.40 B-OTF9: A. Schäffer, RWTH-Aachen Univ.; Germany: Biotransformation products of ibuprofen in soil - a new view on the relevance of non-extractable residues
14.40-15.00 B-OTF3: J. Radovic, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain: Assessment of photochemical processes in marine oil spill fingerprinting
15.00-15.20 B-OTF4: T. Kosjek, Jožef Stefan Inst., Slovenia: Fluorouracil in the environment: analysis, occurrence and transformation
15.20-15.40 B-OTF5: V. Nikiforov, SRCES RAS, Russia: DFT study on hydrolysis of polyhalogenated pollutants for estimation of environmental degradation rates
15.40-16.20 B-KN10-Transformation: Sixto Malato, Plat. Solar de Almería (CIEMAT), Spain: “Removal of pollutants in water and wastewater by solar advanced oxidation processes”
Friday 28 June 2013 - WTC
  Chairs: Antonio Quesada / Ester Heath
10.00-10.40 A-KN13-Transformation: Dionysios Dionysiou, Univ. Cincinnati, USA: “Oxidative transformation of cyanotoxins and other contaminants of emerging concern in water using advanced oxidation processes”
10.40-11.00 A-OTF6: B. Zonja, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain: Formation of phototransformation products of iodinated contrast media; natural attenuation or disinfection process?
11.00-11.20 A-OTF7: V. French, Charles Darwin Univ., Australia: Evidence for exposure to chemical contaminants in the tropical marine snail Telescopium telescopium (Gastropoda: Potamididae)
11.20-11.40 A-OTF8:M. Gros, CSIRO, Australia: Biodegradation of pharmaceuticals by the white rot fungus Trametes versicolor in hospital wastewaters; study of iopromide and ofloxacin as model compounds
11.40-12.00 A-OTF2: E. De Laurentiis, Univ. Torino, Italy: A model approach to link indirect photochemistry in surface waters with climate change and human impact: the case of polymictic Lake Peipsi (Estonia/Russia) over the last three decades
12.00-12.20 A-OTF10: R. Kallenborn, Univ. Svalbard, Norway: Enantiomer distribution of chiral pesticides in traditional food from Arctic Greenland. Elucidation of selected up-take and distribution processes