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Invited Speakers


Plenary Speakers


David Sedlak (University of California, USA)

David Sedlak

Professor Sedlak's research interests are related to the fate of wastewater-derived chemical contaminants in conventional and advanced wastewater treatment plants, fate of steroid hormones in the aquatic environment, chemical fate during groundwater recharge and in engineered treatment wetlands, metal speciation in soil and water.

"Optimizing the removal of trace organic contaminants in managed natural treatment systems"


Joan O. Grimalt (IDAEA-CSIC, Spain)

Joan Grimalt

Dr. Grimalt is developing his scientific studies within the field of Environmental Organic Geochemistry. This discipline involves the study of organic compounds in the geosphere, both natural and pollutants, with the aim of achieving information on the basic processes for ecosystem functioning, evolution and anthropogenic disturbances. This wide topic allows the study of a large diversity of subjects: marine and terrestrial systems, ancient and recent environments, deleterious effects on ecosystems, animal and human populations, environmental and climatic change.

"Biomarker tools for abrupt climate change description in marine sediment cores"


Urs Baltensperger (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)

Urs Baltensperger

Urs Baltensperger is the head of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry at PSI, and professor at ETH Zürich. His research focuses on the formation and transformation of aerosols as well as the study of their impact including the new particle formation, secondary organic aerosol formation, source apportionment of atmospheric aerosol, radiative properties of aerosols and their impact on climate, as well as aerosol cloud interaction at the Jungfraujoch among others.


"Sources, processes and impact of atmospheric aerosols"


Damià Barceló (ICRA Girona and IDAEA-CSIC Barcelona, Spain)

Ph.D. in Analytic Chemistry from University of Barcelona. Research Professor at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Studies (IDAEA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Director at the Catalan Institute of Water Research (ICRA). His researcher career has been focused on the area of Water Quality, particularly in the development of methods for controlling organic pollution by the so-called “emerging pollutants” in waste and natural water.
"Toward a better understanding of the fate, behaviour and risk of  fullerenes  and other carbon-based nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes in the total environment"


Keynote Speakers

List of keynote speakers organized according to the Symposium topic.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols

  • Roy Harrison, University of Birmingham, UK
    • "Characterisation and behaviour of nanoparticles from road traffic exhaust"
  • Andrés Alastuey, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain
    • "Geochemistry of atmospheric particulate matter: from remote to urban environments"

Soil and Sediment Pollution, Wastes

  • Emmanuel Naffrechoux, Université de Savoie, France
    • "Fate of PCB in aquatic ecosystems : cold case or hot topic ?"
  • Graeme Paton, University of Aberdeen, UK
    • "Quantification of bioavailable fractions of elements and organic pollutants and sustainable steps to remediate these at the field scale"

Water Pollution and Treatment

  • Ivana Ivancev-Tumbas, Novi Sad University, Serbia
    • "Universe of organics in drinking water treatment processes"
  • Josep Bayona, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain
    • "Atmospheric plasma. A new technology to remove recalcitrant organic microcontaminants from water"
  • Susan Richardson, USA
    • "The next generation of drinking water disinfection by-products: occurrence, formation, toxicity, and new links with human epidemiology"

(Eco-) Toxicology: Pollutants Exposure and Effects on Biota and Ecosystems

  • Kevin Thomas, NIVA, Norway
    • "Effect-directed analytical approaches for the identification of contaminants of emerging concern"
  • Cinta Porte, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain
    • "Development of in-vitro bioassays for the assessment of reprotoxicity in fish"

Modelling, Management and Risk Assessment

  • Andrea Rizzoli, IDSIA, Switzerland
    • "Advances in software system for supporting environmental decision making"
  • Manuel Poch, University of Girona, Spain
    • "Decisions in wastewater systems: different tools for different decisions' levels"

Transformation and Fate of Pollutants

  • Dionysios D. Dionysiou, University of Cincinnatti, USA
    • "Oxidative transformation of cyanotoxins and other contaminants of emerging concern in water using advanced oxidation processes"
  • Sixto Malato, Plataforma Solar de Almería (CIEMAT), Spain
    • "Removal of pollutants in water and wastewater by solar advanced oxidation processes"

Green and Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

  • Roger Sheldon, TU Delft, The Netherlands
    • "Green & sustainable chemistry: methods & metrics"
  • Joel Barrault, Université de Poitiers, France
    • "Sustainable chemistry; from renewable resources to chemicals via catalysis"

Emerging Pollutants

  • Klaus Kuemmerer, Leuphana University, Germany
    • "Emerging pollutants: Of old compounds and new ones, of micrograms and tonnes, from the past to the future"
  • Maria Teresa Galcerán, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
    • "Novel strategies for the analysis of fullerenes in environmental samples"